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green crystal rock
purple crystal rock
pink crystal rock

Jewels have been like that since the beginning.

It's not beautiful and shiny.

However, it has a brilliance within it that shines when polished.

The craftsmen do this

This is because we refine ourselves with the right knowledge and technology.

that attracts everyone's attention

It gives off a valuable shine. ​

The same goes for people.

Each of you is a raw stone with hidden brilliance.

For those of us who have acquired the correct knowledge and techniques,

Would you please leave the rough stone with me?

​We are beautiful craftsmen

Carefully polished to bring out a wonderful shine.

blue crystal rock
turquoise crystal rock
crystal rock


jewelry box series

purple crystal rock

​ For bare skin that shines like a jewel

Transparent clarity

Gemstone skin that shines like luminescence


ginca-original cosmetics,"Jewel.A.A"was developed over a period of 20 years, focusing on the three conditions necessary for healthy skin: beauty-reducing power, activation power, and moisturizing power.
In order to prevent the skin from weakening its ability to secrete oil, it provides moisture that does not rely on oil, and revitalizes the skin through vibration.

Furthermore, it prevents skin oxidation, which is the cause of skin problems such as spots, wrinkles, and sagging, and returns the skin to its original state by maintaining the redox potential. It is important to repeat and continue this reduction, and this is what leads to rejuvenation.


"Jewel.A.A" is our salon's original cosmetics that are particular about the power of restoring beauty. As you can see from the lineup, they are all named after jewelry, and we call it the "Jewelry Box Series."

The jewelry box series cosmetics are named after gemstones.Give you glowing jewel skinI will guide you.



All additive-free

​No magic, 100% pure cosmetics


No disinfectants used


Paraben free


mineral oil free


Mild acidity


No petroleum-based surfactants


Alcohol (ethanol) free

Luxurious cutting-edge beauty ingredients



A Nobel Prize-winning antioxidant that is 172 times more powerful than vitamin C.

It eliminates active oxygen, which is the cause of aging, and exerts its antioxidant function for a long time.

Contains 6 types of growth factors

Also known as "cell growth factor". A substance that activates human growth hormone, which promotes the growth of the human body, and stimulates the skin's inherent ability to regenerate.It brings out the power to regenerate.

Placenta extract


Ingredients extracted from human and animal placentas. Since ancient times, it has been valued as a medicine to support human health and youth, and due to its high effectiveness, it is widely used in the medical field, cosmetics, and supplements.

whitening ingredients


3 types of hyaluronic acid

3 types of collagen

Contains 3 types of ceramides

White Feather_edited.jpg



facial cleansing powder

Powder soap as delicate as powdered snow

Diamond dust

It lifts dirt away without putting any strain on your skin, and gently removes dirt from your skin.

It also neutralizes chlorine in tap water.


1.4g x 50 packets6,050 yen (tax included)


all in one beauty gel

Deep shine and elasticity
build strong skin

aqua sapphire

It moisturizes your skin and gives it elasticity.

If you are a busy person, you can also use it as an all-in-one gel.

50g13,200 yen (tax included)


Aging care serum

Warm and gentle touch
​Mysterious brilliance

amber(lift & neck)

The beauty-reducing fermented essence penetrates into the stratum corneum of the skin by vibrating like an ultrasonic facial device, and can also be used to lift up the neck area.


30g16,500 yen (tax included)


​Moist & Wrinkle Serum

Fresh crystal skin


A moisturizing serum that relieves dryness, firmness, and lifts around the eyes and mouth.

Even though it is oil-free, it moisturizes and leaves your skin smooth.


30g13,200 yen (tax included)

For customers who are looking for our salon's original cosmetics "Jewel.A.A",

Click the button below to go to the purchase pagehand​Available for purchase.

The secret story behind the birth of the world's first beauty-reducing cosmetics "Jewel.A.A"
In January 2019, we started selling our own brand cosmetics, ``RG Blend Method Jewel.A.A Cosmetics'', which we have been researching for over 20 years (currently Beauty Reduction Cosmetics Jewel.A.A.).

We expected to receive a certain amount of feedback from everyone, but the number of inquiries from various quarters far exceeded our expectations. Also, to be honest, at the time I was confused by how fast things were moving. At the same time, I was also very impressed. That hasn't changed even after three years.

I am proud of the original cosmetics that took 20 years to create.
We can proudly deliver this to everyone around the world. It's such a wonderful product.

In another 10...20 years, relaxation esthetics will be even more needed in a stressed-out society. However, a time may come when the power of esthetics to create beauty will no longer be necessary. We will live in a world where cosmetic surgery is easy and convenient, and there is also the possibility that new beauty treatments that directly manipulate DNA will emerge.

However, the beauty techniques of our store are still needed by women around the world, and I don't think there will be any cosmetics that surpass Jewel.A.A for some time to come.

Corona, salon and original cosmetics

 There was an ozone hole directly above the Gold Coast. As a result, the incidence of skin cancer was very high. Despite this, women's beauty habits such as scrubbing skin that has become hard and stiff due to external stimuli and waxing for personal grooming are putting a lot of stress on the stratum corneum, which is originally necessary to protect the body from strong ultraviolet rays. It was stimulating.

Therefore, after a major Japanese beauty salon in Gold Coast withdrew after three years, we rented the space and opened the beauty salon "Ocean Dream." It operated until the contract expired in April 2006.Land with strong ultraviolet rays due to the ozone hole, and extremely dry and hard water.I thought that if I could create healthy and beautiful skin in this place, which has the three worst conditions for skin, I could succeed in creating beautiful skin anywhere in the world.
When he established an original beauty restoration method to ``create skin that protects the body from strong ultraviolet rays using correct knowledge based on skin theory,'' it became a hot topic locally.

``Do not rub your skin'' ``Moisturize your skin as much as possible without relying on oil moisturizers that cause oxidation''
The beauty methods that were different from the local common sense at the time are commonplace now, but they must have come as quite a shock.

Now, if you run a beauty salon, one of your dreams is probably to have your own private brand cosmetics someday. However, that is not the only reason why we sell original cosmetics.

December 2019. The first coronavirus infection was reported in China.

The timing was unexpected. A new infectious disease outbreak occurs just as salons are about to develop cosmetics that are a dream come true and release them into the world.

Over the years that we have been running our shop, we have certainly had customers who have been unable to go to the beauty salon due to various reasons. Age, illness, transfer, childbirth, nursing care, retirement...
It is very sad that we will no longer be able to see the faces of the people we have spent so much time with and cared for, but especially in this unprecedented situation of an infectious disease outbreak, we, as beauticians, have to take care of ourselves. I was also shocked. As a result of this, the environment surrounding us has changed completely.

People cannot have direct contact with each other. They are also discouraged from being in the same space.
In particular, in 2019, the atmosphere in the early stages had an indescribable heaviness. Under such circumstances, beauty salons were the first places to be discarded.

Many of our customers who have been coming here for many years are elderly, and most of them say, ``I want to go, but I'm scared of the coronavirus...'' Of course it is. In any case, you should reduce your contact with people as much as possible to avoid the risk of infection. just,In order to maintain beautiful and youthful skin, you need not only home care but also professional techniques to revitalize your required.

I think some people might consider purchasing a home beauty salon machine, but I am against it.

This is because even we professional estheticians take a long time to hone our skills before finally making our debut.When amateurs use beauty devices, they often end up damaging their skin, and it is difficult to continue doing self-esthetics once a week for a long time.

However, with cosmetics from our salon, you can easily achieve results that are similar to those of a beauty salon even if you are unable to receive a beauty salon!
In the quiet salon, empty due to the coronavirus, I remembered the faces of each and every customer and once again realized the necessity of this cosmetic. That's why we want to bring more and more of these cosmetics to the world.

With the need for home care increasing, I realized that I was really glad that I was developing this product.

Of course, the most important job for us is to work directly with our customers, answer their concerns, and make suggestions. However, the longer you live, the more irresistible waves will come your way. What we can do for our customers in this situation. No matter what the circumstances, we must think and move forward with the customer first. We are now thinking about this again.

Beautiful skin care points

  1. protect from dryness(However, moisturizing with oil (fat) components that cause oxidation is a no-no as it causes aging!)
  2. protect from irritation(Do not perform strong hand massages that damage the stratum corneum. Importance of regular beauty salon care → Be careful when using home beauty salon machines as they may damage your skin.)
  3. Protects from active oxygen (Beauty reduction, antioxidant, power to regenerate old cells)
Cosmetic manufacturers around the world are competing in research to develop antioxidant ingredients.
In other words, the enemy of beauty is ``oxidation'' and the active oxygen countermeasure ingredients that cause it.

Anti-aging beauty ingredients are being announced one after another by various manufacturers, but even if the ingredients themselves have excellent antioxidant power, if other ingredients that are mixed with oils or chemically synthesized ingredients that are easily oxidized are used, they will not be as good as water. Is it not?

As a result, the beauty-reducing cosmetics Jewel.A.A Cosmetics have made the following possible.

1.By focusing on the ability of cosmetics to maintain their oxidation-reduction potential, we have made it possible to rejuvenate your skin by maintaining the potential balance of cosmetics.  

The biggest challenge is to create anti-oxidant and active oxygen countermeasure ingredients, but with Jewel.A.A, there is no longer any need to pursue the development of ingredients for this purpose, and instead we focus on the ability of cosmetics themselves to maintain their redox potential values.
By maintaining the potential balance of the cosmetics themselves, they have excellent protection against active oxygen, exhibit sufficient antioxidant power, and rejuvenate your skin. This is called reducing power. (The power to regenerate old cells)

By adding a special fermented extract, we were able to maintain a potential level that would normally be easily removed.
This is a world first.

2. Enables sufficient moisturizing without relying on fat or oil ingredients.

Oil is the cause of oxidation.Moisturizing that relies on oil will age your skin's natural functions. It achieves sufficient moisturizing without relying on fat or oil ingredients.

3. We have made it possible to create cosmetics that do not require a beauty salon.

People around us sometimes point out that we, who run a beauty salon, provide cosmetics that don't require a beauty salon. However, going to the salon is not all that is needed. We are creating an environment and opportunities for our customers, or even people who cannot go to beauty salons, to become beautiful in the same way.

If you are concerned about firmness, luster, transparency, whitening, fine texture, acne, or redness of your face, please take this opportunity to try it out, even if it's only once. Everyone is very pleased with the change in firmness and transparency after long-term use.

Usually, the older you get, the more anti-aging cosmetic items and costs increase.
However, after about a year of using Jewel.A.A cosmetics, the original functions of the skin are restored, and in most cases, the amount of Jewel.A.A cosmetics used and the number of items used decrease. In other words, it is an economical product that saves women money and does not require beauty treatments.

It has been a long journey to get here, but I would be happy if all the women were happy with the results.
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