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​ Bring out the beauty hidden within you,

"Age beautifully and healthily"

"As people grow older, they shine."

I want you to think that way too...

We are a salon that supports the changing life stages of each family member.

Mind, body, and beauty are deeply intertwined. If your body is healthy, your mind and beauty will be healthy and rich. You will look more youthful and your skin will glow. Your muscles will become more supple and your movements will become lighter.

Even if your body is not in good condition, if your mind is extremely happy and healthy, you can look young and beautiful. If your mental health is out of whack, your appearance and age will also change.


We experience several turning points as we age. For women, the first menstrual period can be a big shock both physically and mentally. This affects their minds and bodies in unstable ways even after they enter adolescence. In the case of men, as they enter puberty and enter the second growth period, their mental and physical balance may be disrupted. Both men and women's bodies change, and they begin to suffer from acne and complexes. This is also the time when children learn that their appearance and impressions can have a bearing on how they are judged, and an increasing number of children are suffering from problems they cannot talk to anyone about.


    LIFE  STAGE    

The "fluctuations" that each generation experiences as they grow older

It's not just adolescence. A woman's body changes drastically before and after giving birth... Your once slender, beautiful body no longer belongs to you, and it becomes difficult to control both its appearance and function. I want to go back to my original body... I can not return……. The husband, who watches his wife from the side, also begins to feel various conflicts and pressures when welcoming a child. In addition, buying a home and working hard for it.

Just when everything has calmed down, the child's rebellious period + entrance exams + for women, menopause will arrive. These days, when people are in the prime of their lives, they are under a lot of stress, both mentally and physically. Caregiving for the parents' generation also gradually begins around this time. Eventually, I will move on to my old age. A life that passes by in a hurry, a swaying mind and body... A declining body and beauty. Modulating mentality.

At times like these, what if you had a family salon for your mind and body...?

About the mind, body, and beauty of each generation, which is difficult to discuss even with family members. They don't have to go to the hospital, or even if they do, they don't care about them or just give them medicine.

​We have taken care of many customers. That's why we can provide "what you really need." Esthetics are not just for the pursuit of beauty.


Ginka -ginca-The ultimate anti-aging with the Shikibi-kakanho method.

"What is the Ginka style RG beauty reduction method..."


Beauty reduction method → Countermeasures against active oxygen and oxidation (aging), which are the causes of aging

What is RG Beauty Reduction Facial? It is a facial method that was born based on dermatology.

"Protects from dryness"Protect from irritationProtect from active oxygen (beauty reduction)”

What is Mind Esthetics? Countermeasures against excessive active oxygen caused by mental imbalance caused by stress and autonomic nervous balance.

A whole body treatment method that specializes in conditioning

What is internal reset? A program that detoxifies the internal oxidation state due to an era of overeating through Yin-Yang food and mineral blend.

What is RG Fast Chiropractic? It loosens back muscles such as stiff muscles, pelvic distortion, and autonomic nerve disturbances.

It's a quick chiropractic method that can get everything done in 15 minutes. Easy and convenient like fast foodMaintain your body.

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