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Grow Branch

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Grow Branch Co., Ltd.

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Lifelong beauty and health techniques to protect a healthy life from a stressful society

・Proposal for companies to use welfare programs to maintain employee health

・Manufacture, wholesale, and sales of OEM cosmetics and supplements

・Design and wholesale sales of beauty and health equipment ・Beauty salon


Kanto Headquarters: Collezione B1, 6-1-3 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tohoku Headquarters: 4-6-1 Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture

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Greetings from the salon owner

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Keiko Abe    owner and therapist

April 2000

Opened the beauty salon "Ocean Dream" in the Watermark Hotel located in the heart of the Gold Coast. At the same time as the hotel opened, Japan's largest beauty salon company opened its first overseas store, but it was not profitable and was withdrawn two years after opening.The company will take over and start operating the 180 square meter facility.


The salon area will be expanded to 330m² within the same hotel, and the operation will expand as a full-fledged day spa.

August 2006

In the same year, in recognition of her past business results, she became the first person in the beauty industry to receive permanent residency (aesthetics-related businesses were not eligible for permanent residence applications), sponsored by the Queensland government.


​Aiming to be the next generation salon,"OCEAN SPA Anti-Aging Salon Ichiko's" has been renovated into "Ginca, a family salon for the mind and body." The concept is a family beauty salon that supports the physical and mental fluctuations of each family member due to changes in life stages and helps them age gracefully.

September 1997

Move to Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Established local corporation GrowBranchPty.Ltd at the same time as immigration.

Conducted further research and experiments on cortical physiology and cortical theory, which I had been studying since I lived in Japan.

April 2000

The Regeneration Skincare method was born based on the cortical physiology and skin theory that we had been researching, and preparations for opening a beauty salon began in earnest.


I received a request for a beauty column from the Japan-Australia Press (monthly magazine), which is published for Japanese people in Austria, and it has been published for a long time. During that time, we received numerous interviews from Japanese magazines.

2006year 4Month

Carry out sales activities to explore new stores and expand sales channels such as cosmetics sales.


Formed a business alliance with Central Sports Co., Ltd. in Japan.

"OCEAN SPA Ichiko's SALON" opened

Interview article


Staff introduction

Keiko Abe

Born as a result of about 10 years of beauty exploration in Australia.

RG beautyreduction methodTo everyone in Japan.

Shiho Oojiri

A leader of Ginka.

He is a great asset that all staff members trust.


Atsuko Sato

Healing people's hearts from a wide range of life experiences

A gentle therapist like milk tea.



She has a smile like an angel and is beautiful.

A valuable being who will become a magician of Yong.


Naho Tomie

Our greatest strengths are calmness and openness.

​Challenge to become a top therapist spreading the world's first beauty reduction method


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