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Recruitment requirements
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Message from the owner

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We want to listen to our customers' thoughts and concerns and bring out their true beauty.

​Nice to meet you, everyone. Thank you for viewing our job information page.
Due to store expansion, we are currently looking for people to work with us. living in the world of beautyI want to come.

I want to give my clients the vitality to live, a sense of security, and confidence, and I want to work alongside them as their family therapist.

If you have such an idea, please contact us.

I ran a salon on the Gold Coast for about 10 years.

At that time, she developed a unique beauty method called the "Regeneration Skin Care Method."

“Regeneration” is the word that our local customers used to say when their treatment was completed on the Gold Coast. I heard it so many times that I asked them, ``What does that mean?'' and they said, ``What does that mean?''

"It means to revive or rejuvenate! We are so impressed that our skin has become so rejuvenated."


I was so moved by those words that I named it the beauty method.

However, in Japan, the word "Regeneration" is unfamiliar. Since it is difficult to imagine our beauty method, we have decided to offer it under the new name ``Ginka Style Beauty Reduction Method''. This method brings out and restores the jewel-like radiance of our skin. I would like to share this method with everyone who works at our company.


Although it is a workplace dominated by women, we work in a friendly atmosphere and put the customer first. I want to work with people I haven't met yet. we need you

Image by Rohit D'Silva

Our company's history

​The reason I wanted to become a hairdresser was when I was a teenager.It all stemmed from questions I had about the beauty world. After studying skin physiology on his own, he started his own business at the age of 27. By chance, I moved to Australia's world-famous resort area, Gold Coast, and decided to open a day spa inside a first-class hotel.

Although it was a series of hardships, we gradually became known and even celebrities from all over the world came to visit our store, making our dream come true. In recognition of his business achievements in Australia, he was sponsored by the state of Queensland and was granted permanent residency.


staff therapy


The reason I became a therapist was, of course, because I was interested in beauty. However, in the actual workplace, there are few opportunities for us therapists to become beautiful.

Our store employs dedicated therapists who heal the skin and body of our staff. We have established a ``Staff Therapy'' system that allows esthetic therapists to work hard while also receiving esthetic treatments to improve their beauty.


I'll teach you all my techniques


Australia's resort area, Gold Coast, receives 5 to 10 times more ultraviolet rays than Japan, making it really difficult to maintain beautiful skin.For 10 years, we have been treating people in such environments.We have treated people around the world for their skin. I know that.

It was there that I developed the ``Regeneration Skin Care Method''.

I am seriously teaching the staff what I have learned from my experience.

Because I want to spread the word more and more, and I want more and more people to become beautiful.

Recruitment requirements
We aim to be a store where our staff can work happily and with a sense of fulfillment, and where they can have some leeway in their lives.

●Occupation type


●Business content

Anti-aging advisor/facial/body treatment/

General slimming/esthetics work



Those who can perform both facial and body treatments and have practical experience (1 year or more)

Those with work experience in the beauty industry (1 year or more).

Even if you have no experience, we are looking forward to your application if you are serious about learning about beauty.

●Work place

Ginca Sendai store 1F, Chuo 4-6-1, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture

Ginca Minami Aoyama store 6-1-3 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo B1F

●Regular holidays

Sendai store/Irregular holidays on Fridays Minami Aoyama store/Irregular holidays on Mondays *O-Bon and New Year holidays

●Working hours

9:30-21:30 (with break) / Shift system



Employee: Minami Aoyama store monthly salary 2610,000 yen - 350,000 yen Sendai store 230,000 yen - 320,000 yen

Part-time job: Sendai store 1200 yen to 1800 yen, Minami Aoyama store 1400 yen to 2000 yen (depending on experience and ability)

●Trial period

according to ability

*Our store is affiliated with a fitness club, so the number of customers is stable. I want to work more and more! For those who are interested, we can entrust a sufficient number of customers.

●Holiday vacation

Working 4 days a week, including once on weekdays and once on weekends, is available upon request.


Welfare benefits/employment/social/worker's compensation insurance/staff therapy several times a month/common to employees and part-time workers

​Transportation expenses/full payment, employee appointment system available, staff discount available, club facilities available for free

●How to apply

Contact  Contact  

Please contact us directly by phone at the number above, or by using the application form below.
Person in charge/Abe *If I am not available, please leave a message on the answering machine and I will call you back.


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