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Flow of treatment


  Telephone reservation 


We recommend that you make a reservation to ensure smooth service. Please contact us below.

Toranomon store TEL: 0908617​0660

Minami Aoyama store TEL: 07011408877

Sendai store TEL: 08057468080

Kita Sendai store TEL: 08057373496


After counseling


We will suggest what kind of care is best for you in order to maintain the results, depending on your condition.Please bring your own makeup products that you are accustomed to using on a daily basis. After a facial treatment, you will notice a change in your face even if you wear the same make-up as usual.




First, we will explain the salon and talk about the therapists.


After that, we will provide counseling and explain the menu.


This counseling is very important to achieve results.


Payment/Next reservation


At our salon, in addition to single-time payments, we also offer discounted "vouchers". Please use and pay in a way that suits you. When you return, be sure to make a reservation for your next visit.You can save yourself the trouble of making a reservation over the phone and remember to take care of your skin and body!


      Start of treatment   


After changing into your treatment clothes (body treatments only), please enjoy a heart-warming aesthetic treatment.

After your treatment, our skin therapist/esthetician will provide you with a more detailed consultation regarding your current skin and body condition.

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