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When you hear about beauty salons, what do you think?

What kind of image does it bring to your mind?

A woman with beautiful proportions,

A sparkling place you go to in pursuit of beauty?

I pretended that growing old never happened,

To remain a beautiful witch of unknown age forever.

Is there a place to use it?

If you have such an image

If you are looking for a salon,

We cannot meet your expectations.

We are not a salon that fights against age.

dwell within you,

The real beauty that has been accumulated,

Properly bring out the best in your life and age beautifully and healthily

for everyoneIt's a salon.

For those of you who are getting older and are suffering from mental and physical problems...

In line with our desire for beauty and health,

Building a body that shines brighter with age and is less susceptible to disease,

Build your heart,We will fully support you.

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Bring out the beauty accumulated within you and give it back


Since humans live by breathing oxygen, active oxygen can have a negative effect., oxidizes.

Oxidation means rusting. When things get rusty, people age.

Human beings get rusty every day just by living and breathing.

However, even at the same age, some people look youthful, while others look older.

Why does the degree of aging differ from person to person?



Active oxygen changes the impression of age

The key to this is "active oxygen".

``Active oxygen'' is an important substance that plays an active role in the body for health.

Some of them have a negative effect on the body and cause harm.

Some of this active oxygen can cause health problems and accelerate aging.

If you suppress the action of active oxygen, the speed of aging will change.

The reason you look older even at the same age is because the harmful effects of active oxygen are more active than people of the same age.

If so, wouldn't it be better to suppress the generation of active oxygen?

Our salon aims to prevent oxidation and bring out the beauty within each person.

We are exploring the idea of giving back = ``beauty giving back.''

The image of beauty that our salon aims for is that of a "jewel."


Jewels don't always shine as beautifully as they do from the beginning.

But if you polish it, it will shine inside.I am wrapping it.

This is because our craftsmen refine it with their correct knowledge and techniques.

They are lined up in stores and emit a valuable shine that attracts everyone's attention.

Each of you is a raw stone with hidden brilliance.

For those of us who have acquired the correct knowledge and technology,

Would you please leave the rough stone with me?

​Carefully polished to bring out the wonderful shine.

give back beauty

A woman running in a silk mill

​This was possible because it was our salon.

Initiatives for “Jewelry Power”



The biggest challenge for the skin is to "prevent oxidation." And it is the realization of "active oxygen countermeasure ingredients." ``Jewel Cosmetics'' developed by our company focuses on the ability of cosmetics themselves to maintain their redox potential values. By maintaining the potential balance of cosmetics, we bring out the "gemstone power" inherent in the skin and lead it to its ideal state.

moreover,By adding a special fermented extract, we were able to maintain a potential level that would otherwise be easily lost. Our salon is the first to achieve this.

By developing this cosmetic product, we"Returning beauty and the brilliance of jewels"I decided to make this the theme of the salon. Build cells that don't age and maintain a youthful body and mind. By moving, training, and healing your mind and body, you want to rebuild your healthy beauty.

I want to bring out the radiance within.


Our salon is originally equipped with"Gem power"of,

We promise to bring out the best in you.

Jewel Cosmetics----Official nameName: RG Kangen Jewel.A.A Cosmetics

inside you

Let me tell you a difficult story for just a moment.









では皆さんは、「お肌はこすったり刺激を与えてはいけない」ということを知っているのに、なぜピーリングに頼るのでしょうか? なぜ酵素洗顔をするのでしょうか? なぜ汚れが気になるお鼻をこするのでしょう? なぜニキビをつぶしたり、ひっかいたりするのでしょう?














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