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Quickly and easily prepare your mind and body in your spare time​

​RG Fast Chiropractic

RG Fast Chiropractic will help you achieve the ideal balance in mind and body in just 15 minutes before or after training, after work, during lunch breaks, while waiting for your child's lessons.

Fast chiropractic methodPlease try it.

Get your body in shape in just 15 minutes

plus size model

You can leave your clothes and makeup on as is.


​Care for your body as easily as going to fast food


Cheap, fast and safe

smiling woman

What is Fast Chiropractic?

​Created from customer feedback, it takes only 15 minutes, is reasonably priced, and can be done with your clothes on.It's as easy and convenient as going to fast food. It's a chiropractic method.

In-store 1DSC_8506[1].jpg
Finished sample DSC_8367[1].jpg

Ginka style fast chiropractic method Posture, pelvis, neck, legs and back pain, beautiful legs, beautiful buttocks, obesity prevention 

from the neck upIlecountermeasure Drooping eyelids, hearing, brain activity, sagging face, small face

fatigue recovery Hard work, overstress, worries, autonomic nervous system

heat therapy Intestinal activity, muscle fatigue, autonomic nerves, heat shock protein effects

Regular price 15 minutes 3,300 yen→First timeprice  1,650circle

​ *Price when combined with relaxing aroma.

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